About The Collection

In 2009 I wanted to do something really special, so I created the Polyamorous Collection, which is a series songs, videos, and artwork that I released monthly online through all of 2009 that explores the world of love, sex and romance.

The title “Polyamorous” was inspired when I stumbled upon the word in my quest for understanding what it is to love unconditionally and I fell in love with it. It was inspired by many people and many experiences, hence the tub of lemons.

poly- (päl′i, -ə, -ē) 1. many, more than one
amo·rous (am′ə rəs) 1. full of love 2. in love; enamored

To me, polyamorous represents our ability to fall in love with everyone on the planet. What a nice place it would be if we were all in love. The Polyamorous Collection is dedicated to that part of you that screams freedom, unconditional love, and play.

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