The Polyamorous Collection

This edition of the Polyamorous Collection is a fully digital exploration of everything that Tiffany Randol has produced over the last year. You will get the highest quality MP3s, High Resolution Videos, unreleased tracks that are exclusive to this collection, and much more!

Also, in the spirit of Polyamorous, with a purchase of this package you can send Tiffany’s Kiss Me Kiss Me EP to a loved one for free! Click here to learn more about the Polyamorous Gifts.

Check out the package contents:


Music Collection

  • Polyamorous Album- 12 songs, fully remastered with new arrangements!
  • 4 unreleased songs you’ve never heard!
  • 2 Live song recordings


  • Tiffany’s 2009 Video Collection – including commentary on each of the original Polyamorous songs.
  • High-Rez HD music video: “Shame’s a Bitter Game.”

Polyamorous Book

  • A personal note by Tiffany about the collection
  • Lyrics
  • Quotes
  • Musings
  • Pictures and artwork

A Printable Poster of Tiffany in a bathtub with lemons!


Tiffany Randol’s Jukebox

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