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  1. Dave Kolar says:

    Myspace has introduced many a young musical artist to me. I ‘met’ Tiff Randol this way. When I first heard her Kiss Me Kiss Me ep, I loved the title song, but by the 4th, which is All I Wanna Do Is Love, I was hooked. Next I discovered her previous project, which was a band called Valeze. These power-punk anthems such as High And Dry & Psycho provide an edgier sound which I love. My favorite is Please Me, where she channels a little Gwen Stefani in her powerful vocals.
    In 2009, I collected the songs for Polyamorous that Tiff released each month, beginning with the hauntingly beautiful Shame’s A Bitter Game. Along with an equally beautiful video, Tiff has presented a softer and more sultry side of herself. In China Doll, she speaks of bondage; either real or self-
    imposed. Who among us has not experienced a little bondage in our relationships? I know I have!
    According to Tiff, Polyamorous is a collection of music, videos and art. The box set created by this talented singer, songwriter, painter and soon to be producer, is a superb collaboration between her and many highly-talented musicians. The CD offers many highlights, from Hush Don’t Cry, where she sings of facing changes in our lives, to cute little ditties like People Talk & Don’t Call Me Baby. The comparisons to Neko Case become clear with Hammer Away. And I could see One 4 Me being played by Alison Krauss, or maybe even Jack and Meg White! And I simply must get a translation of the French spoken in the romantic Big Blue Eyes.(I love that language) Also included are many live cuts from Tiff’s life out on the road.
    And did I mention that Tiff Randol is a wonderful performer, as well. Check out the DVD for live performances, like the “Live on TV” selection of 3 songs from Kiss Me Kiss Me. She seems so relaxed and natural behind a microphone, as she literally exudes a barefoot confidence in her own ability, as well as in the songs themselves. There are other music videos,too. Watch Valezes’ Search And Destroy, where she displays a loveable sassiness that won’t quit!!
    I’ve offered comparisons, but Tiff has a voice unique to her. She provides a diverse selection of musical styles here. Remember, all of the aforementioned songs,CDs and videos are included in this amazing array; even an 8×10 & a tee-shirt.

  2. Shauna says:

    Damn. If art is for expressing human emotion and experience, I think Tiff Randol is a virtuoso. Her sound and lyrics in the Polyamorous Collection reflect the universal power and vulnerability of the human spirit. Her performance is unpretentious yet bold, classic yet provocative and she reveals herself as a true connoisseur of love (as does her album title). I could put most of her songs on repeat, but my favorite is “Big Blue Eyes” because it makes me dance, and at the same time reminds me that all us humans are just lonely souls underneath it all. My only critique of the Polyamorous Collection is her track with Kardinal Offishall because, although it sounds cool he overtly dominates the song – which I think is lame. Anyway, if you want to enchant yourself with some original beats and sultry tunes, I’d highly recommend this.

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